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Fingerprint System Design / Development

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Fingerprint Identification System Design / Services

East Shore offers extensive fingerprint system design and development consulting experience to system integrators and end users. East Shore Technologies assists integrators in the design , development and integration of forensic and civil fingerprint identification systems. East Shore also assists purchasers in developing appropriate purchase criteria and making wise purchase decisions. That experience comes from a number of perspectives, those being: as system users, system developers, system integrators and system consultants. Let us assist you in your fingerprint identification system needs.


Consulting / Design - East Shore's fingerprint consulting staff assists potential system users evaluate systems and helps system integrators design, develop and integrate custom and product oriented fingerprint identification and verification systems.

Ventures / Investment - East Shore is in a position to consider possible business ventures and / or partnerships in a variety of forms. Check us out.

Site Map - A directory to all the pages on our site.

Home Page - Introduction to East Shore - Our Home Page.


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif