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Civil Fingerprint Authentication Systems

Civil ID Authentication Systems and Software


Civil Fingerprint Authentication / Identification Systems

FP image East Shore's high accuracy Civil ID fingerprint search and authentication systems provide the ideal solution for critical ID card, immigration, voter registration, driver license and other civil fingerprint Identification systems. If accuracy is important to you, East Shore can service your requirements.

CID systems are used to both detect attempts at securing multiple identities and used for authentication of identity, insuring that the holder of a given official document (ID Card, license, passport, etc) is the owner of that document.
Whether you need a turnkey statewide or national sized civil identification and authentication system or software to create your own, East Shore's got the product to suit your needs.

Civil Identification Systems - East Shore supplies turnkey Civil Fingerprint Identification / Authentication Systems based on system integrator and end user needs. The civil identification product page describes a typical East Shore civil ID AFIS.

Civil Identification Software - East Shore also supplies civil fingerprint identification and authentication system software and components.   East Shore provides system integrators with a range of software products ranging from basic civil ID fingerprint authentication image processing / encoding software and matching engines up to complete Civil Identification Systems.


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif