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Forensic / Latent Fingerprint Identification

The Forensic Latent Criminal Justice AFIS-Lite System


East Shore's forensic / latent AFIS-Lite is a muscular fully functional multi-tasking fingerprint identification system for the low volume user. It's lite in price, supplies full multi-tasking AFIS functionality and provides the highest fingerprint identification accuracy in the industry. The system processes both ten print cards and forensic / latent finger images. Finger image capture is accomplished using a high resolution flat bed scanner. AFIS-Lite's capabilities are essentially the same as those described for East Shore's larger ten print and latent print processing CJ AFIS systems.


The baseline equipment supplied in conjunction with East Shore's AFIS-Lite software includes a high speed Intel based PC with appropriate memory and disk, a 17" flat screen color monitor, a DVD / CD-ROM drive, a flat bed scanner for card scanning and a high resolution color inkjet printer.


AFIS-Lite's capacities are able to well meet the demands of the typical low volume local user.  Capacities and capabilities of the base AFIS-Lite start at:

  • 30000 ten print database, 250 unresolved latents
  • 100 ten print, 20 latent transactions per day
  • less than 2 minute 10P matching, 10 minutes for latents

While the basic package provides for the above noted capacities, it allows for ready expansion. Expansion alternatives meet our AFIS-Lite low cost pricing objectives while providing both capacity expansion and optional increases in functionality.

System Functions

Functions performed by the various multi-tasking functional components of the system include:

High Resolution Flatbed Scanner
       Scan 10P Cards and Latents

Central Server Control Functions
        Coordinate System Functions
        Manage System Data and Images
        Support Search Database Updating / Integrity
        Report Production

Matcher Functions
        Execute 10P/10P Searches
        Execute 10P/Latent Searches
        Execute Latent/10P Searches
        Execute Latent/Latent Searches
        Maintain Search Database

Workstation Functions
        10P/Latent Data Entry
        10P/Latent Scanning
        10P/Latent Image Display/QC
        Image Processing and Encoding
        Analyst Review - Ident/Non-Ident determination


East Shore's AFIS-Lite includes features available only in many larger and much more costly systems.

High Accuracy - The patented "hyperladder matcher" offers the highest accuracy rotation independent matching in the industry with minimal false positives.

Compliance with Standards - The system fully complies with US and International standards for fingerprint image capture, image interchange and the compression of finger images.

Scalability/Modularity - The system is readily expandable into a higher capacity AFIS-Lite or into East Shore's standard Mini-AFIS with the simple addition of software and additions to workstations, server and matcher.

Open Architecture - AFIS-Lite complies fully as a true open architecture system. There are no vendor specific proprietary hardware boards used for image processing or matching, as is typical with other vendors.

Ease of Use - The system has the familiar look and feel of a Windows application, with real time prompting and help system.

Ease of Maintenance - An open architecture design simplifies the maintenance and upgrading of all hardware system components.

Reliability - System's tape backup and transaction tracking system provides rapid system recovery in the event of an unexpected failure.

Low Cost - Whether you need a basic AFIS-Lite or an expanded capacity AFIS-Lite variant, East Shore products should easily suit your budget.  Provide us with your specific requirements and the East Shore team will provide you with a price estimate. East Shore's AFIS-Lite puts a fully functional multi-tasking AFIS product within the price range of smaller local jurisdictions.  Call or e-mail now.


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif