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Civil Identification (CID) Fingerprint Systems


Civil Fingerprint Identification / Authentication Systems

Civil identification (CID) / authentication fingerprint systems are typically used to detect Enrollment Workstation fraudulent attempts at securing multiple passports, ID cards, entry workstation motor vehicle licenses, other official identification type documents and benefit payments.  The civil fingerprint identification component of these issuance systems, assuming East Shore's high accuracy level, minimizes the ability of an individual to establish multiple identities or obtain multiple benefit payments. This is readily accomplished entry workstation by searching previously registered persons in fingerprint database determining if the current registrant has previously been registered in the system, and if so, making an identification.

Civil identification systems are not only used to detect attempts at securing multiple identities, they are also used to verify identity, insuring that the holder of a given official document (ID Card, license, passport, etc) is the owner of that document. The systems therefore serve a dual purpose. They can readily be used as both a fingerprint search system and a fingerprint verification system.

Registrant Processing

East Shore's standard civil fingerprint identification system product typically performs as follows: entry workstation

Enrollment Workstation

  • accepts textual data as data entry function
  • captures fingerprint images either from an inked card or a live finger scanner
  • performs fingerprint image processing and encoding
  • captures a facial image either from a photo or a live video camera
  • captures a signature from either a Searching/Matchingdocument or a signature pad
  • performs fingerprint, signature and facial image compression

Quality Control Workstation

  • for finger images of questionable quality, brings those images up for technician review.

Matcher Subsystem

  • performs fingerprint identification search against database

Analyst Workstation

  • provides the images of possible duplicates detected by system for analyst comparison.  Images for review include either or both, facial and fingerprint images.
  • ident determination made by analyst.

ID documentsFinal Document Production

- document produced for new registrants to system,
- duplicate detection report produced for duplicates, no
      document produced.

The entire fingerprint identification portion of the system is controlled by a central control server. The central control server houses the database of text, finger images, signatures and facial images. That server accepts and moves transactions to / from workstations and sends search transactions to the matcher subsystem. When the transaction is complete, the appropriate data is sent to the document production subsystem for production of desired document.


Verification aspects of the system are basically designed to assure that the document holder (ID card, passport, etc.) is the true owner of that document. Dependent on the specific application, the verification process may be as simple as inserting the document in a scanner and performing a live scan of the document holder's finger. The verification result may be a red light / green light indicator or other pass/fail indication.

Variations on the basic verification scheme are numerous.  Fingers may be verified either against data stored in the holder's document, against data in the master database or against data in a special subordinate database. Results reporting may also be in any one of a number of different forms.

East Shore Systems

East Shore supplies systems with a number of critical and key features, inclusive of:

   -   High Accuracy
   -   Scalability / Modularity
   -   Ease of Use
   -   Open Architecture
   -   Ease of Maintenance
   -   Reliability

We note that East Shore is a fingerprint identification system supplier.   Therefore, East Shore's fingerprint identification system does not typically include (except in unusual circumstances), the document production subsystem.  We do however, provide integration support to document production and other subsystems. Based on specific needs, East Shore typically partners with an appropriate industry leader in the document production arena.  This is because a high security document production subsystem often involves special papers, special printers, and special production facilities. It is therefore practical that the document production portion of a civil identification system be provided by a highly experienced and capable document production vendor.  Based on user needs, we can recommend an appropriate vendor.  If the user has a specific capable vendor in mind, East Shore is quite willing to work with that vendor.


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif