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Criminal Justice Fingerprint Identification System Software


Criminal Justice System Software and Components

East Shore is a supplier of turnkey Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and criminal justice (CJ) fingerprint identification system software and components.   East Shore services both system integrators and end users, with a product line ranging from basic criminal justice fingerprint image processing / encoding software and matching engines to complete Criminal Justice Fingerprint Identification Systems.

Image Processing / Encoding Software and AFIS Matching Engine

East Shore's basic integrator package provides criminal justice fingerprint identification system algorithmic software for image processing, encoding and matching. The matching portion of the product is supplied as a disk based matching engine (inclusive of both software and hardware). The image processing, encoding and matching engine package is designed to:

  • convert gray scale fingerprint images into match records (performed at the workstation level),
  • use the match records to compare against the match database records, determine which, if any records in the match database have a sufficiently close fit to the input image to be considered a match, and
  • update and insure the synchronization of the matching engine/database with the central server database.

We note that the criminal justice fingerprint matching subsystem, depending on system size and Searching/Matchingcomplexity, will usually include a parallel processor hardware configuration. The match database in the matching subsystem is a specialized database structure. The matcher engine software relates only to the matcher and includes: a transaction manager, a database manager, a communications manager and the matching engine software.

Additional System Components

East Shore supplies, depending on specific integrator needs, the basic criminal justice fingerprint identification algorithmic software w/ an appropriate matcher configuration. We also supply any number of other criminal justice fingerprint identification subsystem components to facilitate the production of a system by an integrator.  In essence, we will provide any of those portions of a system which an integrator feels that they cannot cost beneficially develop within a restricted time frame, up to and including an entire system.


consultant groupIn addition to the supply of criminal justice fingerprint identification system software, East Shore also provides consulting services to assist integrators in the design and development of criminal justice fingerprint identification systems that incorporate our algorithms, ranging from small to large scale systems. Our primary areas of concentration are in both the criminal justice area (arrest agencies, forensic fingerprint searches) and the civil identification area (ID cards, passports, social welfare, etc).


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif