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Criminal Justice Fingerprint Identification Systems

Criminal Justice Systems


The East Shore criminal justice (CJ) automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) serves police and other criminal justice, arresting and correctional agencies.  Arresting and police agencies typically process both ten print fingerprint input and forensic / latent criminal justice scannercrime scene fingerprint marks. Other agencies, such as correctional facilities, often utilize a variation of the Criminal Justice fingerprint identification system, processing ten print fingerprint input and performing live scan finger verification for prisoner transfer or release. East Shore provides both the typical criminal justice AFIS and a number of the criminal justice fingerprint identification system variations requested by criminal justice agencies.  Contact us for special needs.

CJ AFIS Ten Print Processing

fingerprint card A criminal justice fingerprint identification system provides the ability to scan a ten print card (arrest card or otherwise) and capture the fingerprint images from the card (or from a live finger scan device). Textual data is keyed as a text entry process. The purpose of entering the ten fingers and other data to the system is to determine if the person represented by the fingerprints has had prior contact with the criminal justice fingerprint identification system (are there matching fingerprints in the database?)

If there is no fingerprint match, the record, based on type, can be automatically added to the database. That record will then be available within the database for any future ten print or latent search.

comparison screen If a possible ten print match is detected, the matching prints are displayed to a fingerprint technician to determine positive identification. If the ID comparison results in a match, appropriate action based on the identification can be taken.  If there is no match, updating to the database can be initiated and notification is produced that a new person has entered the system.

For all new persons entered to the database, the fingerprints are also searched against the unsolved latent crime scene mark database. This insures that previously captured and unidentified latent prints will be searched against, not only all prior arrestees (or others resident in the database), but any new individuals subsequently entered into the system.

CJ AFIS Latent Print Processing

A latent (or crime scene mark) print will be scanned into the system. Workstation image enhancement features / tools assist the operator in reviewing the print, entering the print image and related data into the system. The entered latent is then searched against the ten print database to determine any possible identification against the latent. The latent is also searched against all the unresolved latents existent in the unresolved latent database.

Possible identifications will be located and automatically made available for comparison display to a fingerprint technician. The obvious purpose is to identify the person whose latent has been submitted for examination.

For those prints not identified, the latent(s) in a case may be added to the unresolved latent print file. The unresolved latent print file is created so that new incoming ten prints can be checked for possible identity against unresolved latents. A new latent coming into the system may also be linked to other latents from the same person that may be on file.

CJ AFIS Other Processing

Other than ten print/ten print, ten print/latent, latent/latent and latent/ten print searching, the criminal justice fingerprint identification system may include a link to systems such as a name search or a wanted search (providing finger Fingerprint report gif image comparison) or may be linked to a criminal history system.

And of course, the system will service remote workstations and produce management and operator reports consistent with the needs of the user.

East Shore Turnkey System

East Shore supplies turnkey systems based on system integrator and user needs, inclusive of system installation and training assistance.  In designing and producing a system for delivery, East Shore's system features include:

   -   Accuracy
   -   Reliability
   -   Ease of use
   -   Open system design
   -   Easy serviceability
   -   Expandability

Much of the functionality and many of the system attributes of our large scale criminal justice fingerprint identification systems (capable of serving ten print databases in the millions) carry over into our smaller local agency product, serving databases in the tens of thousands (see CJ AFIS Lite).


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif