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Fingerprint Image Database

Flat Impressions


 Fingerprint Image Database

A fingerprint database, with over 100,000 fingerprint images, is available from East Shore.  The fingerprint database images may be readily used as a background database or may be used for fingerprint testing purposes. The database consists totally of flat (dab) impressions. All fingerprint images are recorded at 500 dpi and as 256 gray tone images.  None of the images are recorded in a compressed mode.

The finger images have been captured from ten print inked fingerprint cards. The cards have been randomly selected to insure a representative mix of varying quality impressions, ranging from those of extremely poor quality to those of excellent quality. The flat impressions have been pre-screened so that only flat images containing a somewhat definable ridge structure and a number of identifiable minutia were recorded.

Only the flat fingerprint impressions are being made available for distribution. They are available to interested parties on DVD.  As part of the 100,000+ image databases, there are 300+ mate images, inked at varying time periods between the original impression and the mate impression. The 300+ mate impressions are specifically identified for test purposes.

Call or e-mail for pricing.  Dab impression database = 4 DVD's. 


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif