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Fingerprint Recognition


Automated Fingerprint Recognition System Overview

East Shore Technologies is known worldwide as a completely automated fingerprint recognition search system supplier. fingerprint recognition finger East Shore provides algorithmic software for virtually all major fingerprint recognition requirements. We provide algorithmic and recognition system solutions to satisfy the most demanding of fingerprint accuracy requirements while maintaining a cost competitive posture. East Shore's fingerprint recognition software can be directly incorporated by integrators into smaller civil ID AFIS and CJ AFIS systems of their own design. Often, more appropriately, East Shore can supply systems to integrators, prime contractors and others designed to:

  • load and search scanned civil finger databases, both local and national
  • perform ten print and latent mark forensic fingerprint searching
  • verify identity using either of the above databases.

Fingerprint ID Recognition Implementations

Implementations of systems incorporating East Shore's fingerprint recognition and authentication algorithm expertise have been demonstrated around the world. A few of the varied locations with East Shore fingerprint recognition / identification systems or fingerprint algorithmic packages installed are Malaysia, Senegal, India, Burkina Faso and, of course, in the US, the Federal Government.

Civil Applications fingerprint recognition passport

Civil ID (CID) AFIS systems benefiting from fingerprint recognition identification software include social welfare, pension benefits, identity cards, immigration/passports, motor vehicle licenses, voter registration, work permits, customs and others.

Criminal Justice Applications

Criminal justice forensic fingerprint recognition ID systems include arrest and latent crime scene / mark systems as well as rapid response correction and wanted persons fingerprint recognition systems. The systems range in size from the local mini-AFIS application to large scale national ID recognition systems.


East Shore is a provider of services to fingerprint recognition system prime contractors and to integrators of multi-technology systems where fingerprints are a single component within a larger integrated system. East Shore provides:

  • Matching Algorithms and Systems - highest accuracy algorithms in the industry, for both Criminal Justice Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and Civil Identification (CID) systems. Fingerprint recognition / identification technology can be supplied by East Shore as algorithmic and implementation software for incorporation within an integrator's product or as a complete fingerprint recognition / identification system product.
  • Consulting services - system design and development using East Shore image processing and matching.
  • Image databases - a plain impression fingerprint image database is available for testing and background use.
  • Venture Opportunities - East Shore will consider partnerships or joint ventures in a variety of forms, including licensing and marketing arrangements, technology sharing partnerships, venture investments and acquisition proposals.

We invite you to review the details related to each of the above on our attached pages. To provide us with comments or request further information, contact:


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif