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Fingerprint Searching - Fingerprint Matching

Fingerprint Searching / Matching Technology


Dedicated to fingerprint image processing, matching and searching technologies for fingerprint search systems ( AFIS ), East Shore's only business is fingerprint search and match identification.  East Shore provides a complete range of fingerprint image processing, matching and fingerprint searching software products.  Fingerprint software search system products, ranging from the base kernel fingerprint image processing algorithmic software with a fingerprint search / matching subsystem to a complete fingerprint identification system is available.  For Searching/Matchingintegrator clients, East Shore provides a number of intermediate subsystem components, dependent on requirements.  East Shore will assist integrators in fingerprint identification system design, system development, implementation and in the supply of fingerprint software, right up to, and including, the supply of a complete fingerprint ID system.

As suppliers of the algorithmic fingerprint searching and matching software components and subsystems that are the heart of any fingerprint search system, East Shore prides itself on accuracy.  If accuracy of search is an important criteria in your system design / development process, contact us.  You'll be interested in testing and comparing performance against competitors.

Fingerprint Software / Systems

East Shore has a complete suite of fingerprint search and match processing algorithms available for integration into an integrator's identification system package. It is the same algorithmic suite incorporated into systems integrated and sold by East Shore in our turnkey system packages. The fingerprint searching and fingerprint matching software suites perform the following tasks:

Image Processing
Captured fingerprint images are processed through a series of image processing algorithms to obtain a clear unambiguous skeletal image of the original gray tone impression, clarifying smudged areas, removing extraneous artifacts and healing most scars, cuts and breaks.

AFIS fingerprints print 1> AFIS fingerprints print 2> AFIS fingerprints print 3

Feature Detection for Matching
Ridge ends and bifurcations (minutiae) within the skeletal image are identified and encoded, providing critical placement, orientation and linkage information for the fingerprint matching process.

fingerprint search - match

Matching Fingerprint Search
East Shore's patented "hyperladder" fingerprint matcher compares data from the input search print against all appropriate records in the database to determine if a probable match exists. Minutia relationships, one to another are compared in a hyperladder approach. Not as locations within an X-Y co-ordinate framework, but as linked relationships within a global context. This, in conjunction with our highly sophisticated image processing yields results where even prints of poorer quality that have a minimal number of hyperladder linked match criteria are readily identified. False positives are easily rejected when hyperladder linkages prove ID is not possible.


The bottom line, --- East Shore provides the highest accuracy fingerprint search / match in the industry while minimizing false positives. The software provided is both innovative and robust.

Robust to Image Quality
Scanned and camera captured live and inked fingerprints are often blurred, smudgy or broken up (as below). Ridges often show discontinuities and vary greatly in contrast. Scars and creases may exist or disappear, depending on when the print is taken, and of course, fingers can be dirty. East Shore's image processing is designed to be maximally robust to these problems. We clean up and "clarify" the finger image before encoding a print, minimizing to the maximum extent possible the "garbage in, garbage out" problem.

Robust to Finger Placement
Finger placement in the center of a finger scanner platen is not critical using our software. Nor does the capture of finger image data by camera from paper copy require the precise centering of the finger image under the camera. East Shore's area of interest detector (part of the image processing algorithm suite) locates and processes the finger image, regardless of location. No core or other reference point within the fingerprint is necessary.

Robust to Finger Orientation
East Shore will match a finger that has been placed on a scanner platen at any angle. We are not concerned about finger orientation. Our orientation independent code has been demonstrated across the globe, with subjects routinely placing their fingers at odd angles, even upside down on the finger scanner platen.


The bottom line is that our image processing, encoding and matching algorithm suite is the best currently available in the industry. The algorithms have been designed to perform well under adverse conditions. They provide high accuracy with minimal false positives. They work with images rejected by most other systems.

If there's sufficient information content in the image to make a positive ID and the ID's important to you, then East Shore's algorithm suite is the way to go. To those new to fingerprints, we emphasize that methods less sophisticated than ours will yield substantially poorer results when deployed in the real world. If you don't believe this is so or you've been told otherwise, we encourage you to test.

License Agreements

East Shore offers a variety of software licenses. Software libraries are currently available for Windows NT / 2000 based systems. We will also support and provide libraries for other platforms, on request.

Comments and Information [E-Mail]

To provide us with comments or request further information, contact:


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif