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Fingerprint Ventures / Investment


Fingerprint Identification Business Partnerships

Venture / Partnerships - Acknowledged as automated fingerprint identification system experts, East Shore's principals have been directly involved in the foundation and management of fingerprint technology projects since 1968. They've built fingerprint identification systems and provided fingerprint systems expertise to major US and foreign corporations and government agencies.

East Shore was founded in 1990.  Currently, East Shore is a closely held corporation. With an expanding base of fingerprint identification system algorithmic solutions, criminal justice and civil identification system expertise plus the ability to supply component subsystem modules and complete systems to integrators, Stock AcquisitionEast Shore is in a position to consider possible business ventures and or partnerships in a variety of forms. These ventures may include licensing and marketing arrangements, technology sharing partnerships, acquisition or investment capital geared to the expansion of East Shore. Alternate ventures might include the formation and development of a new corporate group, U.S. or otherwise, with either a broad charter or serving special niche market fingerprint identification systems or identification system components as its base.

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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif