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Fingerprint Verification Software

Finger Verify Software


Fingerprint Verification CDEast Shore Technologies, the leader in fingerprint search accuracy, is delivering NT / 2000 based Fingerprint Verification software to integrators. The software enables integrators and value added resellers to incorporate highly accurate fingerprint based verification into their applications. There’s no need for fingerprint verification image processing, encoding or matching knowledge. A basic familiarity with the incorporation of Win32 DLLs into an application allows the integrator to incorporate East Shore's software into any application.

High Accuracy - achieved independent of fingerprint image translation or rotation. Unlike other algorithmic methods, East Shore’s proprietary fingerprint image processing software and patented match / verification approach is accurately performed -- regardless of finger image rotation or translation (see Technology). The new "hyperladder" class of minutia matching software provides the highest accuracy in the industry, matching fingers that other systems would simply record as a failure. If accuracy’s important to your application, then East Shore’s verification software is important to your solution.

The Engine - The East Shore fingerprint verification software fully satisfies the essential functions of enrollment and verification. Interface to the multi-threaded finger verify engine is through Win32 DLLs. Your application simply

(1) collects a 500 dpi finger image using a good quality 256 gray level finger scanner
(2) sends the image to the software for processing
(3) stores the created verify finger records and
(4) connects to the DLLs when there’s a subsequent verification transaction to process, sending the finger records to be compared to the DLL software.

Enrollment - The captured fingerprint image is sent to the fingerprint software during enrollment. The software processes the image using East Shore’s proprietary image processing and encoding algorithms. A verification record is created for use in the subsequent verification process. That record is sent to the user application for storage. When a verify transaction is to be processed, this historic verification record is retrieved and sent to the software along with the verification request.

fingerprint scannerVerification - In requesting a verification, the user application sends the finger image of the person being verified.The image is processed and a new finger verify record is created for comparison against the historic record. The new verify record and the historic verify record (both made available to the fingerprint software by your application) are then simply compared for closeness of fit. Results are a score. Providing a score gives the application developer flexibility in setting application security level yes/no determination thresholds. Insights regarding appropriate score values are provided.

Applications - Examples of areas where fingerprint verification may be applied include:

Entry and Access Control Systems
   -   Secure/Sensitive Facilities
   -   Buildings
   -   Offices / Storage Areas
   -    Apartments and/or related facilities
Identity Verification
   -   Social/Pension Benefits
   -   Day Care Centers
   -   Health Clubs
   -   Medical Facilities
   -   Financial Transactions
   -   Immigration
Time and Attendance

Additional Information

Verification System Developers Kit - Includes single licensed verification Win32 set of DLLs for 32 bit NT / 2000 applications on a single processor, documentation, support and sample application code in C. .

Hardware Recommendations - For appropriate performance, it is practical that the East Shore Engine be implemented on any current PC based computer, assuming the computer has the capacity and speed to also handle the developers application. If you have specific questions, give us a call.


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif